Red Scorpion vs. Rad

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Beautiful bad boy Red Scorpion slinks into the dungeon decked out in black and red fire tights, red boots, and mask. What does he have here? Ah, it’s newbie Rad struggling like a barefoot bitch in the villain’s net. Rad has a special sort of rookie charm, what with his petulant moans and cries, and his hot swimmer’s body. Red Scorpion loves pressing his red boots deep into the rookie hero’s body, making him strain and beg. An old gym sock soaked with poison is forced into the hero hunk’s mouth, making him powerless as he kicks pointlessly, his toes getting entangled in the mesh of the net. 

When the pretty boy comes to, he finds himself being punished by the villain, who orders him to choke on agony, defeat, and villainous power. Nobody struggles like Rad, his long legs jerking in terror. Rad endures a brutal abdominal punishment session, hair pulling, and the agony of being forced against walls, ground into the floor, and repeatedly chloroformed with that cursed gym sock. 

Rad’s pubes are fully visible over the top of his revealing blue speedos, making his punishment feel endlessly humiliating as he’s made weaker and weaker, his lean body left to sleep off the pain...until he wakes up again to endure new humiliations, and the endless cycle starts again! 

Total Run-time: 25 minutes, 32 seconds

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