Red Marvel vs. The Hammer

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The Hammer is in the ring, extolling his own virtues and claiming that no one can defeat him.  He is soon joined by the Red Marvel, clad in only a tiny red mini-brief and red cape.  It soon becomes apparent that Red Marvel has no intention of letting the Hammer get the jump on him and begins to teach the villain a lesson.  Treating him like a virtual rag-doll, Red Marvel begins to take the villain and place him on his shoulders, pressing him up and dropping him back to the mat.  Throwing him across the ring as though he had no care for what may follow.
The Hammer was not in any way expecting this, and so his tactic in battling the larger hero had to change.  Appearing from nowhere, the Hammer soon finds himself in possession of two boxing gloves, an advantage he intends to use to their utmost.  Suddenly attacking Red Marvel's abs, the hero begins to grunt in pain and bend over from blow after blow from these new game changing objects.  The Hammer seems very adept at boxing as he struts around the ring shadow boxing, followed by renewed assaults on Red Marvel's abs.
It is not often that a villain is saved from certain defeat by the addition of tools that change the flow of the fight altogether, but that is what we have here.  While the first half of their battle is decidedly in the Red Marvel's favor, the addition of the boxing gloves change their fight decisively in the favor of the Hammer.  Some final blows to Red Marvel's abs keep him just dazed enough so that when the final blow in the form of a right hand across the chin occurs, Red Marvel collapses to the mat, defeated by the dastardly villain.  This one has it all!!!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 36 seconds

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