PX-Beta vs. Blaze

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Plucky PX-Beta (Dimitri Darkthorn) has saved the city once again. He stands proud and tall in skintight white pants, red boots, and his trademark red mask. With washboard abs fully visible, and that handsome smile beaming, this is one hero who can’t see the danger ahead. Suddenly, a misty substance begins to seep into his space...a substance that dulls his powers! 

Enter Blaze (Todd The Rod) in leather jacket, jeans, boots, and his trademark helmet and face mask, ready to school this hero by pressing his boot into his neck, pulling his hair, and clenching his nipple with electric shock hands. PX-Beta fights back, throwing punches and threatening the villain with big words.  Blaze pulls the heroic bitch-boy into an aggressive sleeper, then hoists him off his feet by his neck. 

Nobody suffers like PX, who gags, kicks, cries out in pain, and begs the villain to get off. Blaze even strips the hero of his boots, leaving PX flailing with his feet flexing and toes curling in agony. Soon the villain strips off his leather jacket, revealing a familiar pale, sweaty, hairy, beefy body. Our hero is left struggling in a revealing red thong. Can he escape this sadistic villain?

Total Run-time: 23 minutes, 54 seconds

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