Purple Phantom vs. Henchman #1

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The Henchman declares that the ring is his, however, he is unaware that his next opponent is the Purple Phantom.  And the Phantom has a surprise for the Henchman, he possesses powers of electricity that can contain another human, can grab onto him, repel him and throw him around the ring, something that the Phantom shows his newest adversary from the very beginning.  Unable to even reach the Phantom, the Henchman is instead kept at arm's length, weakened, tossed from pillar to post and made the Phantom's plaything with which to toy with.
Try as he might to get his hand on his opponent, the Henchman is instead met with multiple balls of energy, which drop him to his knees in pain.  Tossed like a rag-doll, the Henchman is barely able to even come to his senses before the Purple Phantom once again has him ensnared in his electrical energy and tossing him once again from the corner across the mat to the other side.  Unable to even mount the smallest of offense, the Henchman has no option but to resign to his fate, try as he might to change his fate.  
It is not long before the results of all of Purple Phantom's attacks on the Henchman take their ultimate toll and the Henchman is left lying in the middle of the ring.  Never having even been able to get his hands on his enemy, he finally succumbs to the relentless onslaught of energy from the Purple Phantom.  If you like matches with special effects and great hero/villains, this match is for you.  You won't be sorry to see the Purple Phantom take apart the Henchman....unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Henchman.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 38 seconds

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