Purple Phantom & Blue Baller vs. Blue Boy

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As we join the action, Blue Baller is in a trance.  His sidekick, Blue Boy enters to try and rouse our hero from his predicament, but before long, the villainous Purple Phantom is on the scene to snap his fingers and show that he has Blue Baller under his complete control.  Instructing Blue Baller to attach his former protege, an attack that soon becomes a 2 on 1.  The odds for Blue Boy look bleak, as does any hope of exiting without some form of harsh punishment.  Blue Baller grabs Blue Boy by the throat and throws him to mat, all the while Blue Boy pleads for his former friend to come back to him.
How can Blue Boy save the city when he is incapable of even saving himself?  Picked up for an airplane spin on Purple Phantom's shoulders followed by another spinning move while Blue Baller has his feet, Blue Bpy attempts to tap out, but that is not how the villain wants this meet up to go.  There are even more diabolical plans for the entranced Blue Baller.  Forced to give his former sidekick an over the knee backbreaker and then an extended suplex, Blue Baller claims the feeling of evil is "great".
Can Blue Boy escape the clutches of the villainous Purple Phantom?  Can he find a way to break the sadistic hold that Purple Phantom has over his former mentor and partner Blue Baller?  Is there any hope for the city, or will it become just another of Purple Phantoms acquisitions?  A devastating tombstone may hold the clue as to what is the final answer to these any other questions.  A new villain is on the scene, and he is out to stake his claim to the baddest villain out there.  With Blue Baller at his side, is there any stopping him?
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 59 seconds

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