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Brandon versus Elite Eliot - Part 2

When we left off, Brandon was on top of his "teacher" Elite Eliot.  Having come to realize that Brandon has more skills than he let on, Eliot tries one tactic he hasn't taught the youngster yet, a low blow.  Brandon collapses and Eliot pounces on his pupil, however, Brandon shows he has the ability to adapt to the situation repeatedly.  Both Eliot and Brandon work each other, each trying to get a firm grasp on their opponent, as the wriggle and squirm out of holds.  

Just as it seems all is lost for Eliot when Brandon slaps on another sleeper hold and Eliot is slipping away, Eliot sees an opening and slams his elbow into Brandon's midsection, forcing him to release the hold, and giving Eliot the opportunity to slap on a sleeper hold of his own, one that refuses to release until he is sure Brandon is down for the count.  Having conquered the upstart pupil, Eliot exclaims, "Not in my classroom" and leaves Brandon in slumberland.  

Total running time:  10 minutes, 44 seconds

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