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Brandon versus Elite Eliot (Part 1)

Class is in session! 

Elite Eliot is here to teach the new guy some wrestling moves.  He starts easy, with a full nelson, then moves to an arm bar and finally a sleeper hold.  Eliot releases each after just a few seconds.  What Eliot doesn't expect is that his student is going to go full on with his moves, wrenching the full nelson, really twisting the arm bar, and cinching in the sleeper hold so tight that Eliot almost goes out himself.  When Brandon then mounts Eliot from behind and grabs the arm for some more arm bars, Eliot finally realizes that maybe his "student" knew more than he was letting on, and he needs to do something about.  

Eliot manages to reverse the hold and suddenly he has his pupil down on the floor, his foot planted firmly in Brandon's crotch, wrenching away.  Brandon does seem to have some skills he hasn't let on, because he manages to reverse Eliot's moves and as we end Part 1, Brandon has Eliot tied up on the floor, his legs bound like a knot.  

Will Eliot be able to gain the advantage again?  Or will the student surpass the teacher?

Total running time:  10 minutes, 35 seconds

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