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Enzo versus Collin

Sometimes things get a little out of hand.  Enzo is on the couch, just relaxing, when Collin enters and the two decide that they want to try some wrestling moves on each other as a way to better themselves.  Collin and Enzo trade hold after hold, full nelsons, armbars, leg name it, the pair take turns applying it to the other grappler.  

All seems fine, and neither wrestler cinches the moves on too tightly, just enough to get some minor pressure, before they release it and switch places.  That is, until the sleep hold comes along.  Collin, thinking he has Enzo where he wants him, decides he is going to really apply the pressure and Enzo soon realizes that Collin is looking to put him to sleep.  Enzo is having none of that, and instead is able to reverse the hold and slaps his muscular arms around the head of Collin and doesn't let go until Collin has drifted away to the land of Nod.  Collin will probably think twice before trying to pull another stunt like that.  

If you like some playful back and forth with an explosive ending, this will be right up your alley!

Total running time:  21 minutes, 20 seconds

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