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Shawn Duncan versus Jonny The Body

Sometimes I think the newbies to W4H stable don't truly understand what they are getting themselves into. 

Take into account Johnny, here, fresh off having signed the W4H waiver, faces Shawn Duncan, someone with tons more experience and skill than Johnny has.  For Shawn, this is like a cat getting a new play toy at Christmas time. 

Wasting no time putting Johnny through his paces, Shawn stretches Johnny's legs, slaps on headlocks, and otherwise throws Johnny around the bed in whatever fashion he pleases.  Johnny, being new, has no clue how to reverse or even mount any offense, he is too busy taking the pain. 

When he does find he has a moment's respite, Johnny chooses instead to do some muscle worship, something Shawn is all to willing to allow him to do.  Being the alpha here in this content, Shawn also takes a chance to humiliate Johnny, spanking him on one occasion. 

The result of this bout was never really in doubt, what with the difference in experience between the two combatants, the joy comes in seeing exactly how Shawn will defeat Johnny, what type of pain will he dish out, and what, if any response will Johnny have.  Although Johnny is total outclassed here, if he looks at the bout as a learning experience, perhaps something good can come from the bout, because everything else is a total loss for the rookie!

Total running time:  20 minutes, 26 seconds

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