Power3000 vs. Victor Voxx

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Power3000 is back to take on his next hero, and this time he has Victor Voxx in his sights.  Power is a big man, with an impressive upper body and thighs like tree trunks.  Victor, while obviously in shape and very toned, seems to be out-powered if one were to go just by the looks.  So there is no surprise when Power3000 takes the early advantage and throws Victor to the mat.  Delivering blow after blow to the midsection of Victor, the toned young man then finds himself over Power3000's back virtually broken in half, before he then ends up over our villain's knee.
Note to heroes:  Don't wear a cape. 
Power3000 uses Victor Voxx's own cape tied around his own neck (and covering Victor's mouth causing difficulty in breathing).   Victor's problem's are just beginning, however.  A Boston Crab gives way to knees in the back as Victor is stretched up and back, and then Power3000 finally removes it just to use his thick arms to restrict the air that Victor is breathing in.  Submitting to a devastating sleeper hold, unfortunately, there is more punishment in Victor's future.  Power3000's special gut punch is next delivered to our prone hero and the beginning of the end is upon us.
Although he manages to get to his feet, this does not give Victor the protection he needs from another of Power3000's all powerful gut punches and this drives him to the mat in a heap of flesh.  Jumping behind him, once again Power3000 slaps on a sleeper hold and within seconds, Victor has left the waking world.  However, in one last instances of villainy, Power3000 gathers up Victor to his feet and delivers a move so devastating that Victor may never get up off the mat again. 

An incredible violent ending to a display of dominance rarely seen.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 17 seconds

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Hot muscle bully

Love “Power3000” and his absolute dominance of “Victor”. In a huge fan of bigger guys dominating less muscular men and this one definitely hits the spot.

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