Power3000 vs. M91

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Power 3000 is doing what most villains do, enjoying how much pleasure they give themselves.  Posing and enjoying the sight of himself, he is interrupted by M91. Power 3000 does not take kindly to the interruption and sets upon the toned hero. 
Grabbing M91 by the neck, Power 3000 throws his foe over the shoulder and when he deposits him on the ground, uses M91's cape to muffle the pleas of mercy. Something Power 3000 has no intention of giving.
Power 3000 treats his opponent as a cat might treat a play toy, pushing him around, pouncing on him, stretching and pulling him.  Then stopping for a moment to pose over him, placing his boot on the fallen hero's chest, all the while trash talking him to remind him who is in charge, and who will dictate what will happen from this moment forward.  Head scissors appear to almost make our hero's head pop from the pressure, bearhugs leave our hero gasping for air, and leg scissors have our hero writhing in pain from the massive thighs of Power 3000.  
Followed by what? Our villain posing, and trash talking.  It seems to be almost too simple for Power 3000 and he actually falls back and relaxes as he has our hero in a leg scissor.  Massive fists to the midsection have our hero moaning in indescribable pain.  Power 3000's blows driven by some unexplained power that makes his fists even that much more deadly.  A villain with a mysterious power totally dominates a hard bodied hero in what is another sure fire winner in the Hero Hunks universe.  You thank yourself after you watch this match up!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 16 seconds

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Just an observation

Haven't purchased this vid but love the 80's Rocker look of Trev. Keep that up!

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