Power3000 vs. Apollo Armstrong

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Sometimes, a hero and villain really have no personal grievances against each other.  They may be no ultimate plans that the villain is trying to execute to do away with their arch enemy.  Sometimes it comes down to pure bravado.  Sometimes it is just which of the pair can prove they are the alpha male and impose their will upon the other.  So it begins with Power3000 and Apollo Armstrong.  Both large, powerful individuals, there are no big statements of what one will do to the other, there is simply a lot of posing to the other and bumping of chests attempting to show their dominance.
Eventually one most come out on top though and in this case, Power3000 uses his impressive physique to take Apollo down.  Staying on top of him he delivers blow after blow to the big man, bending him backwards and using a powerful punch to the gut that is his special power.  Delivering bearhugs and headlocks keep Apollo down until finally Apollo is able to turn the tables.  Now able to give as good as he got, Apollo takes every opportunity to make sure that Power3000 pays for what he has done to him.  Unfortunately for Apollo, this does not last long.
Power3000 is able to once more turn the tables, for the final time, and in this last onslaught on his foe, once more delivers his super punch to Apollo's midsection.  It soon become obvious that the punishment Apollo has had to endure has not left him unable to mount a defense against Power3000.  Once Power Stroke gets Apollo back on the mat, he gets behind him and uses his powerful arms to lock on a sleeper hold that finishes Apollo off.  Not content with just beating him, Power3000 also removes Apollo's mask in the ultimate humiliation of a hero.  Will Apollo ever come back for a rematch against Power3000?  The odds don't look good.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 30 seconds

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