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Drew Harper

What would you do if you came across a man who looks like Drew Harper, totally helpless, strung up with no possibility of escape?  If you are like the man behind the camera in this video, you would take the opportunity to have your way with Drew.  He would become your little plaything. 

Armed with just a towel and a bottle of chloroform, the man behind the camera uses the chloroform soaked rag to first make sure that Drew is definitely out for the count.  He then begins a series of moves to strip him of his shirt, play with his nipples, and deliver blow after blow to his midsection.  Before long Drew is also relieved of his shorts and is standing there just in his underwear, while the person behind the humiliation rubs his hands all along Drew's muscular thighs.  Drew is put out multiple times, whenever the person behind the camera grows tired of either his please for help or screams of pain.

One final application of the chloroform rag and Drew is left just as we found him, strung up, helpless, although this time wearing substantially less.  A great execution of a tremendous idea!  You will really enjoy this one!

Total running time:  22 minutes, 17 seconds

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