Pompous Patriot vs. The Voice

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Pompous Patriot stands tall in the corner of the ring, surveying his land, appreciating what his watch has provided his people.  Slowly, a light mist begins to intrude upon him.  Suddenly it becomes a thicker fog that envelops the hero, causing him first to one knee and then slowly depleting his powers.  Suddenly a disembodied voice begins to command our hero to choke himself.  Despite his best efforts to resist, he soon realizes that this mist has also left him without and free will, and he is forced to do as the Voice instructs!
Commanded to scratch his abs and give himself an ever stronger ball grab, Patriot begs to be left alone, but instead is instructed to increase the pressure of the grab.  His pleas for mercy go unheeded.   Instead, he is forced to punch himself in his own abs and choke himself with the rope of his cape.  Choking turns to nipple twists, turn to humiliation as Pompous Patriot is forced to crawl on all fours and bark as a dog and squeal like a pig.  Giving himself a wedgie, the hero's humiliation continues.
Evil command follows evil command, and each instruction is more devious than the last.  A few extra doses of the mysterious commanding fog are applied to ensure that there will be no escape for Pompous Patriot.  One final addition of the fog is enough to move our hero to unconsciousness and we are left with only the sound of the Voice's maniacal laughter, having done exactly what he wanted to Pompous Patriot, and seeing that his enemy is now forever his to command!  
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  18 minutes, 03 seconds

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