Pompous Patriot vs. Snake Charmer

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As we join our hero, Pompous Patriot is already tied up in the ropes, a mist engulfing him.  Surveying his predicament, he soon hears a disembodied voice inform him that he is already under the villain's command.  Argue as he might, Snake Charmer makes our hero punch himself repeatedly to display the control he has over the helpless hero!
Punches lead to self hair pulls and Pompous Patriot choking himself out with his own cape until he falls unconscious.  Unable to do anything other than what Snake Charmer demands, our hero is in for a ton of punishment.
But Snake Charmer wants more than punishment; There must be humiliation, as well.  Pompous Patriot is forced to not only continually pound his own abs, but also to eventually strip himself of his costume, give himself a painful ball grab, and even get on falls and bark like a dog, tweet like a bird and oink like a pig.  Never before has our hero been forced to do things so demeaning as what our villain takes pleasure in making our hero do while under his control.
It all comes down to a final devastating display of Snake Charmer's villainy and creativity.  Forcing his own head into the turnbuckles repeatedly, Pompous Patriot falls to the mat again and again, only to be told to twist his own nipples, punch his own abs and perform even more hurtful ball claws.  If you love seeing one individual totally control another and use them as their own personal puppet and do humiliating things to themselves, this video will certainly check all the boxes for you.  And incredible display of unchecked power being used against another individual.
Total running time:  27 minutes, 11 seconds

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