Pompous Patriot vs. Comet Man

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Pompous Patriot is patrolling his land, enjoying the sight and smells of freedom, when out of nowhere appears the villains Comet Man who surprises our hero with choloroform and begins his deadly assault.   Comet Man has acquired some new powers since we last saw him, he now has the ability to bend his opponents will to himself and cause them to follow his commands.  Instructing Pompous Patriot to choke himself, our hero is helpless to fight against his attacker.
Not happy with just choiking him, he next causes out hero to give himself and extended balll claw,, which has Patriot screaming in pain.  A low blow sends our hero back down to the mat, where Comet Man applies a half Boston Crab while grabbing our hero's balls, and then putting him into the corner for more abuse.  Nipple twists lead to another application of the chloroform knocking our hero sensesless and unconscious once again.  Free to do as he wishes, Comet Man forces Pompous Patriot to punish his own nipples this time.
As we reach the finale of this extended beatdown of our hero, Pompous Patriot is knocked unconscious several more times with various well applied sleeper holds.  Unable to fight back, Patriot falls each every time, much to Comet Man's pleasure.  The sadism on Comet's Man face is real, as he revels in being able to deconstruct another hero in his war against heroes everywhere.  A devastating finale await Pompous Patriot as he kneels in the center of the ring.  I won't tell you exactly how the video ends, but it is dark, and it is brutal.  You'll have to watch it for yourself!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 03 seconds

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