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Santos versus Johnny

You'd be forgiven if you saw the opening moments of this video and wondered is this was an audition tape for Cirque du Soleil.  Or, if not that, practice for some risque all male revue to be had later that night. 

Johnny, alone with a metal pole, does some acrobatics around the pole.  As he is doing this, Santos enters the picture and before long someone has accidentally bumped into someone else and the two decide they need to settle things through beating each other.  Santos gets the better of the opening moments of the video, taking it to Johnny, who is now in just a orange thong.  To even the odds, Johnny strips Santos down to just a yellow thong, and the pair trade ball claws, blows to the chest and leg scissors. 

The two haven't forgotten about the aforementioned pole, however. Especially Johnny, who uses it as a way to elevate some of his moves against Santos.  In the end, Johnny's acrobatics can't save him against the slapping on of a powerful sleeper hold by Santos, and Johnny slowly fades from the waking world into the world of dreams.  Santos, happy with his work, poses for the camera and then exits leaving the sleeping Johnny for all to see. 

Two very limber and talented folks here in this video!!!

Total running time:  20 minutes, 41 seconds

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