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Gabe Steele versus Brian

Some wrestler, when they see an opponent, become like attack dogs, extremely focused on their opponent, almost at the expense of anything else.  Here, Brian is stretching for the camera, and what a sight it is.  Brian is incredible toned, muscles popping and so well defined that they belong in Webster's Dictionary.  As he is stretching for the camera, from behind darts in Gabe Steele, who grabs the unsuspecting grappler and places him in a full nelson.  It is just the first of many holds Brian will find himself in, as Gabe effortlessly moves from hold to hold, increasing the pressure and pain with each successive move.  
Gabe is like a cat with a little playtoy.  The way he stretches and bends Brian is a sight to behold.  At one point, not satisfied with the humiliation he has already dished out to Brian, he strips him of his olive green speedo down to just a yellow thong.  There is more to come.  Brian is not able to mount any offense, or even utter a word to try and stop the punishment.  He only manages to breathe heavily and more labored as the bout moves on.  When Gabe has decided he has had enough, he simply bends a prone Brian over upon himself and counts to three, leaving the defeated stud on the floor.
Total running time:  20 minutes, 41 seconds

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