Pablo Pecs vs. Zach Reno (Oil Wrestling)

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Pablo Pecs is on the mat with Zach Reno.  This represents someone who has absolutely zero underground wrestling experience against and individual whose underground resume is quite impressive.  A veteran of several underground wrestling companies, here he vastly outclasses Pablo.  This video offers some of the "behind the scenes" qualities as well, as we begin with Pablo saying he has no idea how to start these particular videos.  From offscreen, we hear the voice of the Boss, Cameron himself, explain how to start, and the rest will come naturally.
Cameron's instructions are not only for Pablo though, as he also exhorts Zach to get to work on him.   Finally, the two get together and match is on.  Pablo is lightly oiled for the bout, which makes him a bit difficult to keep him ina hold. but Zach still manages to get his arms around the red speedo clad stud.  Pablo is questioning everything that is going on, learning as he goes, occasionally getting the upper hand over Zach.  Zach's veteran moves keep him on the offensive and the pair, at times playful and at times adversarial keep each other on their toes.
What it comes down to is does Pablo have some rookie success and notch a victory over Zach?  Or does Zach utilize his years of experience and teach the newbie a lesson?  Zach may fall into the trap of underestimating his opponent, something many a grappler has done.  I can tell you, even when he is on the losing side of a wrestling hold, he manages to keep a smile on his face, as he obviously seems to be enjoying himself.  When he has Zach trapped on the mat on his stomach, straddling him, Pablo takes the time for an extended feel of Zach's impressive legs, back and ass.  You will enjoy seeing these two hook up!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 41 seconds

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