Pablo Pecs vs. Danaconda (Oil Wrestling)

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One of the hottest new duos in Oil Bash is the pair of Danaconda and Pablo Pecs.  Both with incredible bodies on display, seeing each of them (one in a gold bikini, the other in a silver bikini) covered in oil serves to only make their muscles glisten.  Both fill their bikinis nicely and the two have a very playful disposition in this bout where they face each other.  It's obvious there is no hate between the two and the pair are very comfortable with one another (with matching back tattoos to boot).
After oiling each other up and rolling around on the mat for a short time (something it seems the two may be very familiar with), the cameraman decides that there is not enough oil and suddenly streams of oil fall from off screen to further slick the pair up, something they both decide they like very much.  The opponents manage to get each other in full nelsons and schoolboy pins throughout the match, and just when you couldn't think more oil couldn't possibly be involved, the oil shower begins once again.
By the end, there is so much oil covering Danaconda and Pablo that it becomes difficult for them to even keep their bikinis on.  But what may be difficult for them is a treat for the eyes of the viewer.  I think I could watch these two sexy wrestlers intermingle and become intertwined with one another for hours.  The playfulness definitely adds to the enjoyment and in the end I didn't really care who won, I just wanted to see more oil poured down on both of these hot wrestlers.  A great entry to the Oil Bash series!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 00 seconds

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