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Donevan versus Gabe Steele

Sometimes the "pre-work" of an oil can go one of two ways:  1.)  Either there is an incredibly sensuous period where the two wrestlers slowly, methodically rub the oil into their opponent, taking the time to enjoy the feel of their opponent's muscles, or 2.) there is a very playful time where the oilis squeezed and thrown at each other hoping to annoy their opponent. In this bout, it is definitely the latter as Donevan and Gabe Steele take time squeezing the oil across the ring at other, in their opponent's eyeys. across their chest and wherever else the oil could make it's way.  It's not too long before the pre-match shenanigans end and is time to get down to actually engaging each other.
In the past, Gabe has used his larger frame and experience to better the younger more green Donevan, but, as has been noted here many times, oil is the great equalizer and although you may have power and experience to put your foe in a hold, keeping them in that hold is much more difficult when they can squirm and wriggle their way free.  Donevan seems to have learned some things from their previous encounters as well, as he spends a fair amount of time on top of Gabe.  But can he use what he has learned to finally notch a win over Gabe, or is he diestined to once more fall to Gabe?  Someone is going out at the end of the match, but you'll have to watch to find out who!
Total running time:  26 minutes, 09 seconds

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