Nordic Spoiler vs. Green Gobbla

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Green Gobbla is chained up, still wearing his sexy as hell green super suit with silver boots and trunks. He looks almost beautiful struggling against his handcuffs, especially when he weakly curses at the stunning Nordic Spoiler, who menaces and swoops in a black, fur lined cape. Green Gobbla is poisoned by hypnotic gas, partially stripped of his super suit...revealing an epically hot body that Nordic Spoiler is all too happy to grope and grind on. 

If one didn’t know better, one would think this is a love story from how tenderly the massive villain handles Green’s junk, straddles his torso, fondles his face. The villain even speaks tenderly to the heroic stud...up until he pulls his face deep into his armpit. Time for more stripping, as Nordic Spoiler whispers sweetly in Gobbla’s ear and peels off the suit to reveal toned arms and shoulders. 

Once again the villain straddles the hero, his purple gear brushing against the stud, who can’t seem to remember who or where he is from one moment to the next. Pectorals are abused, leaving white marks on skin. Abs are punched and pulverized, but always with a twisted sweetness so uncharacteristic of most villains. Eventually Green is left in nothing but a tiny red thong, his beautiful bare feet hanging limply from the villain’s body, as he grinds the hero into him with villainous glee.

Easily one of the sexiest Hero vs. Villain vids out there! 

Total Runtime - 22 minutes, 42 seconds

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Super hero fantasy come true.

If you've been collecting Blake Starr KO videos, then you've found the best of the best. Evil villain, knock out gas and poor Blake is almost stripped bare. Plenty of sadistic gropes and grappling on the sexy hero. Fingers crossed for a part two, three and four! A must have for bad guys that love their victims out cold and helpless.

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