Nick Sparx vs. Todd The Rod

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“‘Bout time I got some competition,” says hairy Todd, looking like your most annoying dorm resident assistant turned wrestler.

“Yeah, good luck with that,” laughs sexy stud Nick Sparx, his impressive package swinging as he teaches the hairy dudebro what real strength is all about. Close in size, but not close in skill, Nick pounds Todd into the floor with ease. Half nelsons! Boston crabs! Todd eats the floor like the pro, his bear chest heaving as he struggles to breathe.

“How is it?” asks Nick. “Getting beaten by a real guy who actually goes to the gym?” Nick stands up on the ropes, his man’s package lording over Todd in total superiority, before he leaps down again and scissors the hell out of Todd.

Suddenly, and completely unexpectedly, Todd finds some energy...maybe a real man really is buried deep inside. He manages to wriggle free of Nick, pulling him into an agonizing camel clutch. So much for that total squash job. Now Nick’s gotta fight to regain his man status!

Run time: 21 minutes, 18 seconds

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