Nero vs. Mark Muscle

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Mark Muscle is a big man.  A very big man, with a very large upper body.  Anyone who has followed Nero has seen how Nero himself has bulked up, gaining lots of body mass, especially in his upper body as well.  However, he is still at least probably a foot shorter than Mark Muscle is.  All the signs point to Mark Muscle having the size, height and power advantage over Nero in this one on one.  However, if W4H has taught us anything, it is that you cannot tell a wrestling match outcome simply on the sight of the two combatants as they stand across the mat from one another.
What begins as a test of strength finds Nero down on the mat, looking up at the big man.  He soon realizes this was a mistake from the start.  In a test of strength with two powerful individuals, the one with the height advantage will almost always come out on top.  Nero works to rectify his initial mistake and after just a few short moments, he has Mark's arms back behind his back, wrenching them in ways they were not meant to be moved.  Having gained the upper hand, Nero now intends to keep Mark down on the mat, where his taller frame is of no use to him.
Besides bulking up, Nero has also dabbled in MMA as well, and he takes an opportunity to deliver some punches to Mark's midsection, bending him over in pain.  Several time Nero is riding the big man as he lay on the mat, caught up in Nero's python like arms or tree trunk like legs.  When Nero decides he has had enough, he applies a vise like grip to Mark's skull, restricting the air and causing the big man to drift off the Sleepytown, having just been beaten by a foe unlike he has ever faced.  A great example of two powerful individuals going at it tooth and nail!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 11 seconds

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