Nebula vs. Executioner

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Our hero is searching the villain’s lair for any hint of wrongdoing. Checking every nook and cranny for anything nefarious that may have been planted by his enemy Executioner. Interrupted by the evil bulging bad guy, our hero will soon find out that it is not polite to nose around someone else’s property without permission!

What Nebula does get to see up close and personal are the many and varied ways that Executioner can weaken and take down his opponents. Far outweighing the helpless hero, the big man uses his size and strength advantage to bearhug Nebula into submission, even bending him over his knee at one point to deliver a nice spanking!

When rope and metal poles are introduced by the villain into the punishment for his foe, the pain moves to another level. Finally, relieved of his mask for total humiliation, the spanking begins again. Totally broken, lying in the center of the mat unconscious, the good doctor leaves our helpless hero to whatever fate has in store for him!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes, 35 seconds

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