Nathan FX vs. Vlad

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Russian bad boy Vlad is already locked up between slender Nathan’s thighs. These guys look evenly matches, and it feels almost like walking in on an intimate moment. Clearly, this match has been in progress for a while. Vlad is tapping, almost begging, and Nathan has settled into a position of calm confidence as he squeezes the life out of his opponent like a python.

Nathan raises Vlad into a standing position, slapping his abs and yanking his red speedo into a painful wedgie that results in Vlad’s screaming in exquisite agony. Nobody sells pain quite like Vlad, as he bargains for his own release. Too bad Nathan’s having too much fun. He spanks the Russian, then claws his pecs so hard you can see the white finger marks when he lets go!

Nathan presses Vlad into the ropes, practically riding his ass, then pulls him on top of himself just to feel his struggling back and open him up to an almost tender ball abuse session. They’re fighting, yes...but both men seem to love every second of it. Vlad manages to turn the torture around, forcing Nathan to arch his back in erotic retaliation. Vlad chokes and ball abuses Nathan in turn. It’s a twisted web of both hate and passionate love that blurs the line between fighting and unintended eroticism.  

Total Run Time: 17 minutes, 51 seconds

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