Nathan FX vs. Jayden Mayne

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Nathan FX has an enviable Instagram following. Are we surprised? Those eyes. That grin. That expertly trimmed hair. Antagonistic Jayden Mayne challenges the Instagram wonder, certain he’ll gain some rabid fans of his own if he captures every second on FX’s defeat. But these guys are a near perfect match, and FX ain’t going down without a fight. 

In this comment on social media in this modern age, two click whores roll, wrench, twist, and grapple with growling appetites, trading back-and-forth insults and injuries like your worst threaded conversations...yet the phone is never far away, ready to capture every humiliation, every victory, every triumphant rise and every devastating fall. 

These dudes could be halfway choked out, cammeled, or worse...but break out that phone and they’re all smiles. Bask in the glory of FX’s flawlessly lean body slapping against Mayne’s. Who will be the subject of that final humiliating pic? 

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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