Nathan FX vs. Garrett Thomas (Gut Bash)

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Ultimate pro Garrett Thomas has been mopping the floors with these young, up and coming wrestlers. He gives every single dude a chance to back down, dazzling them with pectora isolations and his threatening demeanor. Nathan FX is about to get a schooling of how own at the hands of the Boss Hog. 

Thomas combines a mixture of grappling and pro moves that results in complete and total annihilation. Within minutes Nathan looks like a pasty, white pile of bone and sinew on the mat. Thomas practically rips the kids hair out of his head, pulling him to his feet, only to shove him back down again with a double fisted push. 

Nathan can’t tell if he’s up or down, coughing and struggling for breath, before experiencing the Boss Hog specialty...a good old body scissor, arm wrenched backward. 

“Go ‘head and tap out if you want to!” Thomas invites, before mounting FX’s back with all his weight, then pulling him into a glorious camel clutch. 

“We can sit here all damn day and do this,” laughs Thomas, as his opponent cries out in pain. FX might not survive an entire day of Boss Hog beatings, but it would certainly be a lesson well learned in the art of battle sport annihilation.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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