Nathan FX vs. Elite Eliot (Military Men)

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Nathan FX shows up for an army training, although he may have gotten the wrong address. The speedos and wrestling ring don’t tip him off, so he deserves whatever punishment sadistic Elite Eliot has in store. Decked out in army inspired trunks, boots, and pads, Eliot never tires of demanding sets of pushups, which FX never quite gets to finish. He’s too busy getting crushed between Eliot’s black boots. 

“You wanna fight for my country? You ain’t got what it takes! Hand-to-hand combat, soldier!” barks Eliot, in what can only be some soldier’s fiercest fantasy of being locked within the grip of a challenging superior. 

FX kicks, claws, struggles, and moans in half surprise. We know there’s a beast in there, but there’s no sign of it until Eliot gets bored and resorts to hair pulling, neck wrenching, and attempting to crack FX’s head like a nut between his killer thighs. Suddenly, the real American soldier is unleashed. But can he hold out against a mock military man like Eliot? 

Somebody’s gonna be rubbin’ one out in his bunk tonight...

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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