Nathan FX vs. Cal Bennett (Oil Wrestling)

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If you love nipple torture, stretching, and sleepers, this is the match for you. There is no easy victory for either wrestler, but there is quite a bit of pain, punishment, and napping for both. The trash-talking starts immediately with each wrestler saying the other is in his domain. Nathan appears to give up some strength to Cal, but manages to get the early advantage with a punishing headlock, followed by an arm bar and some serious nipple torture. He lets Cal up, which proves to be a mistake. Cal quickly takes control and pins him down, grabbing his pecs for some punishment of his own. Nathan wastes no time in reversing the position and grabbing at Cal’s pecs and nips, applying his own tittie-twister to some overly sensitive nipples. Cal squirms repeatedly as he tries to escape the full nelson and continue nipple twisting from Nathan. He manages an escape and gets Nathan in a choke sleeper and apply some nipple torture of his own. It doesn’t take long for Nathan to submit instead of succumbing to the sleeper. It takes less than two minutes into Round 2 for Nathan to get Cal into a full nelson, then converts it into a sleeper. Within a few seconds, Cal is tapping out himself. 

Cal is not happy about being forced to tap and comes back with a vengeance. His dominance is short-lived as Nathan quickly gets him another sleeper. Not only does Nathan have him in the choke hold, he’s able to inflict more nipple torture. It isn’t long before Cal is forced to submit again. Cal quickly regains control and stretches Nathan to the point we expect to see him split apart. Can not only manages to work in some nipple torture of his own, he’s also able to flex his right arm while punishing Nathan. There is pure agony on Nathan’s face and he wastes no time in tapping out. Cal can’t resist the opportunity to step on Nathan and do some flexing. Nathan goes back to his original headlock on Cal, then manages to twist him around and stretch him out over his knee. Cal’s nipples are exposed and the skin around them has become as red as his singlet. Not only is Cal subjected to more stretching and nipple punishment, his face is directly in Nathan’s sweaty arm pit. After all their back-and-forth wrestling, you know his arm pits have to be sweaty and disgusting. Nathan is ruthless on working over Cal’s nipple, subjecting it to twisting, slapping, punching, and even flicking. Cal’s chest is getting more and more red as Nathan shows no mercy. Cal is screaming out “No more” as Nathan continues inflicting punishment, ultimately putting him out in yet another sleeper. With Cal out cold, Nathan decides Cal needs to be wearing less clothing and cuts his singlet. Instead of just pulling the singlet off Cal, Nathan cuts one of the straps and then takes the scissors all the way down, leaving Cal in his sexy bright red underwear. Cal slowly starts to wake up as the remains of the singlet are removed. Cal quickly puts Nathan in a reverse bearhug and pulls his straps down to hold his arms even tighter. He pulls Nathan’s singlet down to his waist, puts him into a full nelson, and pulls him down to the mat. Nathan is quickly out in sleeper, only to have his singlet pulled off revealing a tiny black bikini with racing stripes and the number 10 on his ass. Before he wakes up, Cal says he wants to make things crazy and squirts baby oil all over Nathan’s body. Nathan clearly hates to oil and says it is getting too weird. Cal retaliates by saying, “You’re the nipple guy, man.” He’s got a point. The oil definitely adds a factor of difficulty as the two wrestlers have a tough time holding on to each other. Nathan quickly finds himself totally stretched out and subjected to more nipple torture. 

Nathan manages to regain control, and yes, starts the nipple torture again. Poor Cal probably won’t be able to wear a shirt for several days after what his nipples have been through. Even so, he manages to get Nathan in another sleeper, but he taps before going out again. Nathan gets Cal into a backbreaker, then drops him onto the couch. After he rolls down onto the mats, Nathan squirts him with more oil, then puts more on himself. They continue to argue of who is the rightful owner of the mats. Cal gets 

Nathan in a bearhug and just as it appears he will submit, he reaches down and grabs Cal’s package. Cal immediately releases and is subjected to Nathan switching between nipple torture and squeezing his package before putting him in another sleeper. Cal struggles between going out and begging for no more nipple torture. Nathan, being the nice guy that he is, even sings “Rock-a-bye baby” to Cal as he slips into dreamland yet again. With Cal out cold on the mats, Nathan looks at the camera and whispers, “Now I can do whatever I want to him and he doesn’t have to know.” Naturally he starts working on Cal’s nipples again. Somehow we don’t believe Cal’s nipples were the only part of his body that was sore the next day as he is the latest victim subjected to the FX Plan.

Total Run-time: 34 minutes

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Mutual torture

Looking like a clean-cut country boy who got those perfect pecs and bulging biceps lifting hay bales, Nathan FX turns mean and nasty against tatted-up Cal Bennett and the trash talking from both men never stops. Punishing each other with pec claws, nipple twists and sleepers, Cal and Nathan deliver an amazing match that proves both men are tougher and rougher than one could expect. The action gets even hotter when oil adds shine to both physiques and it's no-holds-barred to the brutal end.

2 great hunks that go great together!

Two lovely men, both with fabulous bodies, going at each other. Nuff said. I can't get enough of Cal, the loveliest man of all, with that rockin body. Nathan also has the goods and they beat each other mercilessly. Great match.


excellente video.... i want buy

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