Nathan FX vs. Blake Starr (Oil Wrestling)

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Nathan is oiling himself when Blake enters the room. Blake shows no interest in using the baby oil, even commenting about the amount that’s already on the mats. He tries to grab Nathan, but can’t get a grip due to the oil. Both these wrestlers are similar in height, weight, and strength. Nathan has a good reputation for winning, so it will be interesting to see if Blake will be the next wrestler to be FX’d, in other words, beaten by Nathan FX. Blake isn’t happy about the amount of oil he’s getting on himself from the mats. There is continuous back-and-forth with neither wrestler gaining an advantage. Nathan grabs the bottle of oil and squirts it onto Blake like he’s putting lighter fluid on charcoal. Blake is quickly covered in oil. Like it or not, Blake is now into an oil wrestling match. Blake calls it disgusting and when he gets a chance, he grabs the bottle and throws it on to Nathan’s six pack abs. 

Someone off-camera (it was me) decides to have a little fun and starts squirting both wrestlers with baby oil. Even Nathan starts getting annoyed at how much is used, but the match continues. As they roll around on the mats, the oil starts coming at them as if it was coming from a garden hose. These guys are soaked in it now. Neither wrestler is able to really get a hold on the other as they both keep slipping out of them. That’s what makes it fun. Even without a submission or pin, Blake appears to be in control, even managing to lift up Nathan and drop him over his knee. After more back-and-forth, Nathan manages to get Blake in a sleeper. Just as you think he’s going out, he manages to slip away. 

Blake manages to gain an upper hand on Nathan and subjects him to some serious twisting and stretching of his arm. He also manages a choke hold and some body splashes. Nathan attempts some comebacks, but Blake definitely has the upper hand through most of the match. Much as they try, the oil prevents either wrestler from obtaining a submission. After much struggling, Blake manages to get Nathan in a sleeper. It takes a bit longer than usual, but Nathan eventually is sound asleep. Nathan gets Blake back down on the mats, but Blake escapes quickly. He has control of Nathan quickly and manages to get him in another sleeper, this time using Nathan’s own arm against him. He’s soon sleeping again. 

Nathan wanted the oil match, but in the end, it came back to bite him in the ass.

Total Run-time: 25 minutes, 54 seconds

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