Mystery Hunk vs. Gabe Steele

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One of the advantages (or disadvantages) of the W4H stable is wrestlers is that for the most part, you tend to know a little something about your opponent before you enter into the ring with them. 
Even if you have never grappled with each other, you have probably talked with other wrestlers who have, or at least had an opportunity to scope out the competition by viewing some of their videos.  So when Gabe Steele enters into the ring with a Mystery Masked Hunk, he finds himself in a situation unlike he has probably has ever found himself before.
The Mystery Hunk is obviously very athletic as he possesses a toned physique, and he enjoys showing it off to others.  At several times during the match he swivels and thrusts his hips like a male stripper, begging for the camera, and his opponent to focus all their attention on him.  Gabe is at first perplexed by the attitude of his opponent, who calls for and backs out of several tests of strength all in an efforts to unnerve Gabe.  At once annoyed, eventually Gabe manages to corral the Mystery Hunk and bring him to the mat, trapping him in the corner for big splashes or draping him over a rope.  The hunk does get in his display of wrestling prowess, however, even inserting a chair into the matchup, something that he will come to regret later.
As the match seesaws back and forth, the identity of the Mystery Hunk is finally revealed for all to see, and Gabe realizes that he may have known more about his opponent than he first thought.  Not one to leave any opportunity to punish an individual alone, Gabe delivers a final devastating piledriver to his opponent and the revealed Mystery Hunk is left unconscious in the middle of the ring, unable to pivot and thrust his hips no more.  A sure winner with sexy moves, this video is a must see!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  34 minutes, 23 seconds

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