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Christian versus Shawn Duncan

Let me be clear - there is an oil wrestling match taking place between Shawn Duncan and Christian.  The pair roll around and deliver arms bars, choke holds, leg scissors and other moves to gain superiority over the other grappler.  It is hot, very hot.  But, the amount of time the pair take to oil each other up, multiple times during the match, and the eroticism with which they do it is worth the price of admission alone. 

Christian himself seems to want to make love to the camera, virtually begging you to let him take his black underwear off (and he goes just about as far as he can without removing them altogether).  When he is choked to the mat and Shawn starts applying more oil, Christina just lays back and enjoys the feel of Shawn's hand moving over his body, obviously turned on by the whole scenario. 

In the end, one wrestler will go out for a final time, and the other will just stare into the camera, pulling you in, awaiting his every move as he poses and caresses his muscles just for you.
Total running time:  21 minutes, 21 seconds

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