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Donevan vs. Gabe Steel in MUD!

What's better than watching a match between a heel the caliber of Gabe Steele and a young muscular stud like Donevan?  How about having that match in the midst of a pool of mud?  Both Gabe and Donevan were expecting an oil match, and come to find a blue pool filled with mud in the midst instead.  This is new territory for Donevan, and he finds it difficult to pivot to at the onset of the bout.  At times, it becomes almost impossible to tell who is who, and if not for different color speedos, we wouldn't be sure who was who.  It becomes tough for the wrestlers at times to slap on wrestling moves, as mud can act much like oil and makes your opponent very slippery.
In the end, there must a winner and a loser however, and it is only when Gabe slaps on a sleeper hold and the life in the young Donevan slowly slips away.  The stud, encased in mud, suddenly lies unmoving in the middle of the mud pool, another victim of Gabe.  As an added bonus, we get to see the after match process of both Steele and Donevan as they rinse off each other to try and get the mud off them.  In a surprise to probably no one, there is mud in places that one wouldn't suspect, and just as they think they are clean they suddenly see another stream of mud run down their body.  If you like specialty matches where the stipulations are as exciting as the combatants, this isone for you
Total running time:  29 minutes, 55 seconds

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