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Vinny versus Josh in Mud

What happens when two people get together, expecting an oil match, and a mud match breaks out instead?  Such is the case when Vinny and Josh face off across each other on the tarp. 

Each person takes time to oil their opponent up (hot in it's own right), but just when it is about to start Vinny pushes Josh off the mat into the nearby pool of mud.  Not one to let up, he then jumps in himself and begins to assault the surprised Josh. 

Josh is nothing if not resourceful, however, and soon he is on top of Vinny, controlling him with a modified camel clutch and stretching the muscular stud in many different ways.  You would not be blamed if at times you weren't really sure who was controlling who, such was the extent to which both of these grapplers were covered in mud. 

In the end, one person is finally put to sleep and in an epilogue, we get to see the pair wash off the mud from themselves.  I have to tell you, this is as seductive as anything else we have seen, as we get views of parts of Vinny and Josh that we don't normally see.  Keep your eyes peeled!  Definitely a winner within the history of mud matches for W4H!
Total running time:  22 minutes, 21 seconds

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