Mr. Marvelous vs. Xstatic

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Mr. Marvelous is patrolling the city, looking for any evidence of evil-doing, wherever it may be.  From no where, X-Static appears and he seems to already have a plan for our hero, one that involves mind control and a healthy dose of super hero humiliation.  Using his mind to control our hero, Mr. Marvelous grabs his head in pain, and then, when X-Static blows his control smoke into the face of our hero, is forced to follow our villains every sadistic whim.  At first forcing our hero to choke himself, that is only the beginning of the punishment.
Self-punching himself in the chest leaves Mr. Marvelous weak and then when the evil X-Static tells him to choke himself with his own cape, it brings our hero to his knees.  Forced to bark like a dog only adds to the humiliation, as Mr. Marvelous self-will fades further and further away. Alternating between having the hero punish himself and flex for his amusement, the villain cannot decide which he enjoys more, as both seem to bring him unbelievable pleasure.   If only Mr. Marvelous could break the sadistic hold X-Static has on him?  Alas, it is not to be as just as the effects are starting to wear off, the dastardly villain blows a new puff of his control mist into Mr. Marvelous' face.
Can our hero find his way out of X-Static's clutches?  Or is he destined to live a life in servitude to our villain's every whim?  The way X-Static forces Mr. Marvelous to give himself ball grabs, and ab punishment, as well as offer his fealty to his new Master, it seems as though the answer is all but preordained.  If you enjoy a chiseled hero being totally controlled and forced to act against his will, then this offering is going to be right up your alley.  We don't see what occurs when our villain walks off with our hero over his shoulder, but we can only imagine!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 53 seconds

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