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Donevan versus Vinny (Part 2)

When we left Donevan and Vinny at the end of the first part of this match, Donevan had just delivered a low blow to Vinny which caused the big man to collapse to the mat.  We pick up the action just at that point and Donevan is taking advantage of the situation to inflict some more pain.  Unfortunately, it does little to ward off Vinny's attacks, as Vinny comes at Donevan with renewed viciousness, including shoving his fingers into Donevan's eyes repeatedly.

Having Donevan on the mat, Vinny also slaps on a cross arm bar and then strips the muscular stud of his baby blue speedo down to just a snow white thong, which he then pulls up on until it is merely a piece of dental floss in Donevan's butt crack.  Vinny is determined to defeat Donevan, and when  he finally puts him to sleep, he then uses the time to pose over the sleeping grappler in a school pin position and also then yanks to thong up some more.  2 studs that are easy on the eyes going at each other, in a bout you won't forget.

Total running time:  12 minutes, 03 seconds

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