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Donevan versus Vinny (Part 1)

Donevan is racking up quite a number of matches in W4H.  And, to be honest, he looks phenomenal in all of them.  He doesn't often win, but he looks very good in his losing efforts.  We start here with an extended sequence of Donevan stretching in a tiny light blue speedo, followed by Vinny, a brute of a man who sports an impressive upper body.  As we watch him stretch and prepare as well, it is not long before the pair shake hands and the battle is joined.  Vinny manages to get Donevan down on the man and trapped against the wall at time, delivering knees to Donevan's midsection and blows to his head.  When Donevan does manage to gain control, he slaps on an arm bar, but Vinny is able to reverse it in short order.  VInny definitely seems to get the better of Donevan in the first half of this battle.  Will it continue into part 2?
Total running time: 10 minutes, 20 seconds

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