Mike Splitz vs. Zach Reno (Pros Up-Close)

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Ever stare at your insanely flexible yoga instructor, dripping with sweat from the Bikram heat, and wonder what it would be like to wrestle him? What would all that flexibility mean in a man-to-man match? Hairy Zach Reno’s about to find out as he takes on golden-haired Mike Splitz. 

Snapping a lime green singlet and sporting his East Williamsburgian man bun and beard, Reno has to admit angelic-looking Splitz has the flexibility, but Reno can’t wait to turn on the pain for this yoga-teaching prettyboy. 

“I’m gonna make you submit to my namaste submission,” says a beaming Splitz. 

“Bullshit,” counters Reno. 

And it’s on! Despite their difference in appearance, these guys are evenly matched in size, age, and attitude. Splitz blows Zach’s mind with a wriggling escape from what should have been a debilitation hammerlock that has the yoga instructor trapping his opponent’s head while executing a flawless bridge! Unable to match Splitz’s uniquely pliant technique, Reno responds with pure, animalistic bearhugs, doing everything in his power to prevent the golden-haired pro from using those limber limbs of his. 

A frustrated Reno fights dirty, attacking with sudden ball abuse, a crushing knee in the neck, and even a merciless choking session with the straps of his singlet, which he soon pulls down to expose that legendary hairy chest. Reno molds Splitz like clay, muscling him into one hell of a backbreaker that tests even this flexible fighter’s adaptability. Before long, fists are flying, bodies are flying, and one lime green singlet gets passed back-and-forth to be used as an object of torture and humiliation. Get up close and personal in a total fight to the finish that ends in a brutal figure four and shoulder carry! 

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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Hank King
Athleticism is sexy in this one!

Great athleticism and an enjoyable ... match!

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