Mike Splitz vs. Kuro (Split & Stretched)

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This match opens with, the aptly named, Mike Splitz and Kuro showing off their impressive flexibility in the ring.  Both framing a ringpost in eye popping splits worthy of an accomplished dancer or martial artist. Mike gets cocky displaying his superior range of motion, laying his torso flush to the mat in a full straddle. 

Both men stand and Mike berates Kuro’s stretching and wonders if his wrestling is any good. 

Kuro may not have mastered the full split but he meets Mike’s pliable skill with strength and speed.  Showing his dominance flinging Mike across the ring by his ankles and breaking his scissor attempts by sheer force forcing his legs apart to their limits and beyond.  More than once Mike’s foot is inches from his own face trapped in one of Kuro’s submission holds.

Any athlete will tell you that flexibility is crucial for performance and injury prevention.  Kuro decides to show Mike that it can be a crippling disadvantage on the mats.  Mike gets twisted and stretched around the ring like Kuro’s own life sized rag doll.  Mike’s range of motion comes in handy twisting out of holds and reversing attempted power moves. 

Mike’s unrivaled split converted into a crotch ripping spladle and Kuro continuously finds himself snared in Mike’s vice tight arms and legs. A flurry of reversals and an escalating shoving match leads to a quick thinking reversal into a seated rollup pin for the win.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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