Midnight Titan vs. Solar Squire

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Midnight Titan is feeling his oats.  Running his city, he has the entire population under his control.  He has final say in what happens and what doesn't within the city limits, and that's just the way he likes it.  So when Solar Squire sticks his nose into Midnight's business and complains that only real heroes have caps, Solar finds himself on the receiving end of a quick and devastating choke hold, which Midnight then uses to like the red caped hero off his feet.  Depositing the muscular Squire onto the mat, Midnight then removes Solar's cape and uses it to choke the red speedoed hero.
There is little our hero can do to ward off the attacks of our villain, and Solar soon finds himself bend backwards over Midnight's knee, driving the pain directly into the his lower back, while Midnight delivers multiple elbows to Solar's exposed midsection.  The pain and humiliation is in fact just beginning, however.  Put into a devastating bearhug (furthering the pain to Solar's lower back), then deposited on the mat where Midnight gives Solar wedgie after wedgie.  Whipped with a steel chain, more wedgies and then a ride on Midnight's shoulders all serve to keep our hero off balance.
The final indignation for our hero occurs in a series of successive sleeperholds where our villain puts Solar out, only to resuscitate him, and place him in another sleephold, where Solar goes out once again, only to be awakened again by Midnight, just to be put back to sleep.  After 4 of these humiliating experiences, Midnight has finally had enough of playing with Solar and allows him to remain asleep as he poses over and places his foot on Solar's chest.  The hero's demise is complete!  An exciting entry to HH with two very muscular and aesthetically pleasing stars!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 59 seconds

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