Mental Mind vs. Thunder Maxx

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What is a super-hero to do when they outmatch a villain physically, but are overmatched from a mental standpoint?  That is the dilemma Thunder Maxx finds himself in when, from the very onset, he is already under the control of the diabolical Mental Mind?  Forced to do the villain's every command, Thunder Maxx, clad only in a very tiny red thong, is forced to choke himself with his cape, punch his own gut, and even give himself a painful ball claw.  Unable to exert his own control, Thunder Maxx is like Mental Mind's cruel puppet.
And the puppeteer Mental Mind obviously relishes in the control he has.  Ordering the helpless hero to feel pain that is non-existent and to submit to his every fancy, the pain, although not real, is all too real in the mind of Thunder Maxx.  Obviously hurting, the eyes of our hero roll upwards as he nears unconsciousness multiple times.  His breathing becoming heavy and laborious, our hero is without any ability to fight back or even put up any defense against the relentless onslaught from Mental Mind.
Seeing our hero fall further and further into the villain's control is a sight to see, and by the end of the encounter, Thunder Maxx is unconscious, laying face down as Mental Mind warns all other heroes to be aware as he moves on to his next victim.  If you enjoy a good mind control/hypnosis storyline you will absolutely not be disappointed in this match up.  All heroes beware - Mental Mind is coming for you and you better be prepared or you may end up suffering the same humiliating fate as Thunder Maxx!!!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 37 seconds

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