Mental Mind vs. Silver Fox

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Silver Fox has caught Mental Mind planning to burn down a part of the city. Thinking he has the villain dead-to-rights, Silver Fox is instead caught in the mind control of the evildoer. What follows is a display of such psychological control the likes of which has rarely been seen in Hero Hunks. Quickly responding to only the commands of Mental Mind, his will no longer his own, Mental Mind has plans to make Silver Fox be the one who lights the match to burn down part of the city.

Forcing Silver Fox to dish out punishment to himself, Mental Mind makes the hero twist his own nipples and grab his own balls in pain. When he wants to put Silver Fox into a full nelson, he simply commands that the hero raise his arms. Any attempts to resist are quickly beaten back by Mental Mind’s commands. At one point he even instructs Silver Fox to drive the gasoline cans into his own abs to deliver crushing blows to his own abs.

I am sure Silver Fox did not imagine that when he faced Mental Miind that he would lose all of his own self-will for eternity. As we leave our hero to the whims of the evil villain, Megamind has one last command for him, the ultimate display of submission of one person to another. Slowly we fade out leaving Silver Fox to his fate. Will we ever see him again?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 28 minutes, 33 seconds

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