Max Ryder vs. John Wolfboy

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Max Ryder (5'10", 175 lbs, Ohio)

John Wolfboy (5'7", 135 lbs, Pennsylvania)

Total Run-time: 17 minutes, 59 seconds


Beefy Max and flawless John seem like a match made in wrestling heaven. Both men are experienced grapplers with uniquely powerful bodies, tremendous endurance, and determination to win. Max attempts to use his size to overpower the smaller John, only to find himself struggling beneath the slimmer man. Max uses his legs to press John’s legs together in a hold so tight he can’t move an inch. The first tap is secured almost immediately, with Max taking the lead. So complete was Max’s first success, John almost awkwardly shakes his hand to congratulate him. 

The next fall won’t be so final. Bare feet vie for position as Max and John rock back and forth on the mat. Max attempts to use his thighs once again to control John, but finds John presses his own head directly into Max’s arms by mistake. Max squeezes, only to find his own neck crushed within John’s arms. Max wriggles free, and lays on top of John from head to toe, weakening the handsome fighter with the pressure of his weight on him. 

The minutes tick by, and these men never give up, no matter how exhausted their ragged breathing and deeply heard gasps may sound. When somebody taps, the winner is almost always the first to throw his head back in total exhaustion. This is a close match, with a score of 4 / 5, with an exciting back-and-forth dynamic between these legit grapplers. 

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