Max Ryder vs. Drew Harper vs. Igor

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What’s better than watching two oiled up hot guys go against each other? How about three oiled up guys. The oil falls as if from heaven as the three begin rolling around on the mat. Drew has the decided height advantage, but the oil is the great equalizer as it proves almost impossible to stay standing when everyone is so slippery.

The obvious difficulty with three combatants is that you have to able to play offense and defense at the same time. While you may be trying to put the hurt on one of the wrestlers, the other wrestler could be attempting to get to you at the same time. The only real strategy is to try and form an alliance, which happens only briefly before one member of the duo decides they have had enough and turns on you.

Poor Max seems to always be on the receiving end no matter whether it is 1 on 1 or 2 on 1. The stunning ending occurs when the first entrant taps out leaving just the final two. A prolonged choke hold puts the final wrestler to sleep and there is a definite winner posing over the two unconscious studs. Oiled up bodies slipping and sliding and a running commentary off camera from the Champ Cameron add to the overall enjoyment of this outstanding oil Bash entry!

Total Run-Time: 24 minutes, 38 seconds

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