Max Ryder vs. DJ Beckham Jr

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DJ Beckham Jr. (5'8", 170 lbs, New Jersey)
Max Ryder (5'11", 195 lbs, Ohio)

DJ is on the mat stretching as Max joins him. The thing that is immediately noticeable about Max is the number of bruises he already has entering the match (see our “Behind the Scenes” video for more on the stories of those!). DJ has shown that he is quite an accomplished mat veteran, having beat several individuals already. A quick fall proves this out, and the match is on!

Max has proven that he can hang with just about anyone though and proves it once again here. Sleeper holds, arm bars and full nelsons all serve to be sufficient enough to make their opponent tap and with just a few minutes left to go one combatant has powered through to a commanding 7-3 lead over his opponent.

By the time the final bell rings and a victor is declared, 13 falls will have occurred. The loser graciously raises the hand of the winner and it becomes apparent that although one person had to win, both combatants have earned the respect of their adversary. Another awesome chapter in the history of NHB!

Total Run-Time: 23 minutes, 12 seconds

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