Max Ryder vs. AJ Black (NHB)

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Max Ryder (5'10", 175 lbs, Ohio)
AJ Black (5'8", 120 lbs, Florida)
Not for lack of trying or lack of enthusiasm, but let's be real....neither Max Ryder nor AJ Black have had much success in their W4H careers. 
Both are able grapplers with a genuine desire to win, but find themselves in situations where either their opponent outweighs them and is much taller than them, or the person they are wrestling has much more experience, especially in the underground wrestling world. 
When the two find themselves looking at each other across the NHB mat, you can bet that both of them feel as though this might be their time to notch a win. The pair go at each other cautiously at first, feeling each other out, hoping they can find a weakness in their opponent.  Head scissors, leg scissors, arm bars and full nelsons on the mat are the order of the day, and yet throughout the first half of the match, neither wrestler can get their opponent to tap. 
Once the submissions do begin, however, they come fast and furious, and one wrestler takes a commanding lead in the battle.  It appears as though while either Max or AJ will finally taste success, the other will be left will an all too familiar feeling, having lost once again to their opponent.
NHB is not about trash talking but rather the business of wrestling.  There is little, if any, exchanges between the pair, other than the shaking of hands at the beginning of each fall.  In NHB wrestling, the grappling itseld does all of the talking, well, that and the tapping out.  They both say so much so loudly.  In this pairing, one person will finally get their hand raised in victory, the other will have to try another day.
Total running time:  22 minutes, 36 seconds

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