Max Quivers vs. Zach Reno

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Hot and hairy, lean and defined Zach Reno finds himself in the wrestling space with a big guy in a suit and mask. 

This is what we call a WTF? fight. Watch as Reno rumbles with a weird, deep-voiced, fully disguised dude who resorts to dirty moves like hair pulling, ball abuse, and some wild lockups. The cheap suit dude wastes no time laying waste to Reno, who takes his punishment from this bizarre stranger like it's his purpose for living. If the idea of a panting giant brutalizing one of our most proficient wrestlers, this is the match for you. 

Watch in horror as this normally skilled submission grappler is lifted, twisted, spun, and sent kicking and sprawling like a damsel in distress but a massive man in dress shoes who uses his cheap tie to inflict more pain on Reno. The identity of this big sweaty dude is never revealed...any ideas who he might be?

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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