Maverick vs. Markus Vachon

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Maverick is the master ruling over a wrestling dynasty. Wearing jacket and tie (and wrestling gear!), he grants an audience to four callow contenders, each staring at the crimson curtained wrestling ring with wide eyes. These four fighters want to join Maverick’s rat pack. It’s not every day you get four muscle men stuttering, placating, and nervous as fuck, but Maverick has that effect on people. Tattooed Markus “Josh” Vachon makes the first mistake...unwittingly seating himself in the presence of the master. Such disrespect will not be tolerated. 

“Get the hell out!” Maverick orders Vachon’s buddies, who very wisely vacate the space. A nervous Vachon spills a drink on a table, Maverick grabs him by the hair, shoving his bewildered face into the mess, before hurling him into the ring. 

Off comes the jacket and tie. Maverick is built like a god, his muscles casting shadows, as he stands over a pleading Vachon, steely-eyed and strong. Black books batter chests, arms are wrenched horrifically backwards, legs are yanked further apart than physics should allow. 

In addition to twisted mental control, Maverick forces Vachon to beg, apologize to inanimate objects, and endure an excruciating session of finger abuse that will have you looking away from the screen. Excessive hair pulling makes Vachon the instant bitch, a victim of expertly dished out ball abuse, taunting, and cold-blooded camel clutches that have the pathetic jobber tapping to no effect. 

It’s gonna be a long, brutal punishment session for this wretched wrestler…

Total Run-time: 31 minutes

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Looks Hot...

Just going by the trailer, looks like a fun vid!
Just wondering if this match was recorded
before/during/after Maverick/Tony was doing his WWE work?!?!

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