Maverick vs. Flash LaCash & Dolph Denner

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Flash LaCash makes his challenge to Maverick, grinning like a Cheshire Cat as he recounts a nasty previous encounter with the master. Flash couldn’t be more ready to teach Maverick a lesson, and he’s got Dolph Denner to coach him through it. Maverick returns the invitation unfazed and unimpressed. The master needs no coach pumping his ego up. The fight is on! 

These guys circle each other like street cats, smashing together like stone boulders. Every muscle comes into play in the initial tie up, as Denner is overwhelmed with rage, pinioning Maverick’s massive arms behind his back, allowing Flash to unleash his anger, aggression, and brute strength on Maverick’s baseball-sized abdominal muscles. 

Denner dives into the ring, inspired by the sight of Maverick in peril. Coach and student squeeze the hell out of Maverick, expending a tremendous amount of energy just to keep the normally victorious master down. Maverick is stretched like a bitch between Flash and Denner, forced to endure open handed slaps to the face and a violent double pec clamp.

Flash and Denner perform push-ups with both of pairs of muscular legs scissoring the shit out of the master’s tarnished core. Figure fours, sleepers, even a victory pin. Yes, it takes two huge men to manhandle one Maverick, but if you’ve ever longed to see the master pulverized, look no further!

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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